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East West Wellness & Rehab brings a unique take on optimizing health by combining the best practices from both Eastern and Western medicine. We prioritize patients through our one-on-one sessions focused heavily on discovering the root cause, manual therapy treatment, functional training, and patient-centered collaboration. With our mobile service, we can help you achieve results in a shorter amount of time and with less visits - all at the convenience of your own home. For return-to-sport patients, visits can be conducted on the athletic field/court to allow for safe progressions and greater functionality with sport-related rehab.
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Our Prevention, Wellness, and Rehabilitation Services

We offer physical therapy, cupping therapy, dry needling, and personal training services.

Physical Therapy

Get back to your best self in no time with our exceptional rehabilitation program, guided by our expert, licensed physical therapist. Each session is tailored to your unique needs, with an emphasis on resolving the root cause for long-lasting outcomes. Enjoy comprehensive, manual therapy-based treatments, intensive functional training, and patient-centered care with understanding and empathy. Your goals are our priority.
Physical Therapy in Alexandria

Cupping Therapy

Eliminate your pain, boost your flexibility, and decrease your muscle tightness with the power of traditional Chinese medicine. Our cupping therapy uses suction to enhance blood flow, promote faster healing, and provide the ultimate relaxation for your body. Our experienced Certified Cupping Therapist delivers lasting results from your very first session. Don't endure another day of discomfort – schedule your cupping therapy today and achieve the wellness you deserve.
Cupping Therapy in Alexandria

Dry Needling

Discover the safe and effective technique of dry needling, expertly performed by our dry needling specialist. This method works wonders for reducing muscle tension, decreasing trigger points, promoting blood flow, and enhancing your body’s natural healing process. With evidence-based research backing its effectiveness, many have found relief from their symptoms and regained pain-free movement.
Dry Needling in Alexandria

Personal Training

Looking to recover from an injury, prevent injuries, get stronger, or lose weight? Our team is here to help you design a workout program that is tailored to your goals and schedule. We'll teach you the right body mechanics, ensure safe progressions of exercises, and provide patient guidance on nutrition, sleep, hydration, and stress management to help you see the best results.
Personal Training in Alexandria


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Mobile Info & Directions

How Mobile Services Work

Busy schedule? Tired of commuting in traffic? Unable to find babysitters for your kids during your appointment time? Injury keeping your homebound? Our mobile services allow us to come to you for your wellness + rehab visits. We bring our massage table and workout equipment, so you can enjoy the convenience of care at the comfort of your own home.

Home visits are especially great if you are having difficulties performing activities around the house. Understanding the home environment allows us to provide functional exercises tailored to your needs and help you return to the activities with less pain and greater ease.

Availability Varies for Mobile Visits.
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Dr. Kathy Duong

Owner, Physical Therapist
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About East West Wellness & Rehab

East West Wellness & Rehab was founded by our licensed physical therapist, Dr. Katherin Duong, as a way to bridge the gap in our current healthcare system and provide quality care to patients. Growing up with traditional Chinese medicine and experiencing the benefits of Eastern medicine firsthand, she wanted to combine the practice with her knowledge and clinical expertise as a physical therapist to give patients greater options in their healing journey. She provides a contemporary healing experience, focusing on not only the physical aspects of health, but also the connections it has with mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

East West Wellness & Rehab offers physical therapy, cupping therapy, dry needling, and personal training services. Every session is one-on-one with our licensed physical therapist, allowing us to understand your specific goals and tailor your wellness + rehab program to fit your lifestyle. Along with the personalized visits, our comprehensive care utilizing holistic modalities and patient-collaborative care helps you achieve amazing results in a shorter period of time.

Our team has worked with people of all ages and varying injuries, getting them long-lasting results. We specialize in cupping therapy, dry needling, and treating back pain, but have extensive experience with return-to-sport athletes, knee pain, ankle sprains, shoulder injuries, headaches, chronic pain conditions, and much more.

Our goal is always to help you move better, feel better, and function better. We are passionate about patient education and empowering individuals to take an active role in their healing process to achieve optimal wellbeing.

Our office is located on Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria, VA and is easily accessible to the people of Alexandria, Springfield, Lorton, Kingstowne, Franconia, Burke, Annandale, and Merrifield.

For greater convenience, we also offer in-home, mobile services to those residing in Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Prince William County