Frequently Asked Questions

In Virginia, you do not need a doctor's referral in order to be treated by a physical therapist. This is great news because that allows you to see a physical therapist at your earliest convenience. Our Doctor of Physical Therapy is skillfully trained to thoroughly evaluate patients, notice red flags, and know when it is necessary to refer out to other health care providers. Schedule a free consultation with us and learn how we can get you moving better and with less pain, today!

Our goal is always to help you move better, feel better, and function better - without any limitations. We do so by providing quality, one-on-one visits through our "self-pay" or "out-of-network" services. We do not accept insurances, however, our services may still be covered partially or fully, depending on your "out-of network physical therapy" coverage. For more details, you can contact your health insurance provider and use our Insurance Verification Form as a guide. Upon request, a "superbill" may be provided following the end of each visit to file a claim with your insurance.

The benefits of seeking our self-pay/out-of-network services include no surprise medical bills, no visit limitations, no limitations in treatment options, and no insurance authorization delays.

With most in-network outpatient clinics, physical therapists (PT) double or triple book patients, resulting in the one-on-one time lasting only 15-30 minutes before being passed on to a PTA or rehab aide. With less one-on-one time given to the patient at the traditional outpatient clinics, patients are stuck with going into the clinic for 2-3 visits/week for 6-12 weeks - racking up a lot of time and co-pays.

However, going self-pay allows East West Wellness & Rehab to be contracted to YOU. Your goals are our priorities. This allows us the freedom to provide personalized, one-on-one care with you (and only you) for the entire hour session. With increased one-on-one time with our licensed PT, we only need to see patients 1 visit/week for an average of 4 weeks. That is 2-8 weeks quicker than your in-network PT clinic! Which in the end, saves you time and money. Best of all, you get to return to your daily activities and sports, pain-free, while trusting that the progress you made will be long-lasting and prevent future injuries.

We treat individuals of all ages and health conditions, ranging from kids to older adults, from return-to-sport to balance deficits. At East West, we also work with patients who are looking to implement healthy lifestyle habits to prevent future injuries. Set up a complimentary consultation today to understand how East West Wellness & Rehab can help you with your goals!

At East West Wellness & Rehab, we treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from neck/shoulder injuries, back pain, Sciatica, Golfer's elbow, Tennis elbow, and knee pain - to name a few! We are equipped with Eastern and Western modalities and knowledge to provide you the best care for your symptoms. To allow us to learn more about the activities you're having the most difficulty or pain with, schedule a free consultation call with us.

To best prepare for your first visit, please have the required consent, past medical history, and late/cancellation policy forms completed prior to your visit. The required forms can be found in your email. For your appointment, we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

Our payment options include cash, credit, debit, check, Health Spending Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Venmo.

The safety and health of our patients are of the utmost importance to us at East West Wellness & Rehab. The physical therapist will be wearing the proper protective equipment (PPE) during the entire appointment and all equipment is sanitized before and after sessions.

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